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Human Capital

Preparing tomorrow's leaders for a complex, interdependent world

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Much has been written and said regarding the challenges agriculture must meet in the next 50 years. The global population is rising. Our climate is warming. Productive farmland is being lost. Food production is changing at a rapid pace, and too many people don’t understand it and are fearful.

One issue...

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The unknowns of risk management

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Programming at last week’s American Banking Association’s Agricultural Bankers Conference focused on what’s next—with the nation’s economy, agriculture’s economy, Congress and the political environment, and the next generation of industry leaders. Some of the more interesting discussions centered on risk, both what might contribute to it and how it will...

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Wanted: Farmers for a New Century

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I remember the day almost a decade ago that I mistakenly called my (now) 28-year-old daughter a Generation X’er…to which she angrily replied, “I am NOT a Generation X, I am a generation Y2K!” It was my first, eye-opening introduction to the Millennial Generation’s sense of pride and purpose as...

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Transitions in Agriculture

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Farmers, policy makers, researchers, and extension educators have long noted the growing concentration of agricultural land ownership among older landowners. Those landowners may not live on the farm, or even in the same community or state, as the farm. At the same time, the challenges faced by beginning farmers continue...

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Raising the profile of worker safety in agriculture

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If our agriculture industry is going to feed the world’s 9 billion people, we should care enough to do it safely, humanely and sustainably. 

Current projections set the world population at nearly 9 billion humans by 2050. The unprecedented, near-geometric population increase of the last two centuries has occurred...

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Immigration Reform: No Final Resolution for Farm Workers’ Woes

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Those who are involved with labor-intensive agriculture find it increasingly difficult to secure a well-trained labor supply in this present climate of consumer demand for a safe food supply grown harvested under just conditions. Regularly cited numbers indicate there are more than 1 million migrant/undocumented farm workers. Agriculture that...

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Critical Need for a Strategic Industry

Farm -labor

As agriculture faces the task of doubling production by 2050, one of the major challenges is developing a workforce for the 21st century. Many of us who grew up on farms in the last century remember a day when most farm work was done by family members. Indeed, it wasn’t...

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Human Capital in Rural America: A Look at Educational Attainment

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The messages we hear time and time again make one point clear: communities that hope to survive and thrive in today’s global marketplace will have to retain, attract and expand their pool of well-educated and skilled workers. Certainly, the current discussions on the need to invest in STEM (science, technology,...

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